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Welcome Hello Internet Land

by DumbOtaku on January 8, 2009

This is my blog for learning Japanese and posting about my thoughts on anime and Japanese culture in general.  The name tends to throw people off when I tell them the name I came up with.  So we are going to break it down a tad bit.

I chose this because I wanted to choose ignorant in the sense I don’t know a lot and have a lot to learn, but i can’t spell ignorant correctly half the time so I wont be able to visit my own site so I chose a funny synonym. About learning I specifically have a lot to learn about Japan, Japanese, and Anime.  Mostly just want to learn more and more about Japanese culture.  I also want to share the info I come up with with the world so others can learn or tell me how wrong I am, thus the blog.

I chose this word for the more original form of the word and not the negative all anime form.  I am a very intense person when I want to learn something and tend to really really get into it.  Which probaly means I might be posting a lot or at least consistently over a period of time as I learn more and more and more.   I will probably post a lot about anime, but it won’t be just about anime.

So that is my intro and a bit about me and the reason for the blog.  Later some other time I will expand more about who I am as I post or get asked.


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