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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (ep 1-5)

by DumbOtaku on January 9, 2009

I started this anime last night and got through the first 5 episodes.  I am really liking it, but then I like most anime that are “introspective”(well this really isn’t) or more talk about otaku culture and Akihabara.  As an American it kind of gives me a bit more perspective on the culture even though I have to be careful of how much I take serious, though it does show some serious things here and there.


The general story is about a girl that is the “idol” of the school everyone loves her and she is the greatest one there, and also an international bets pianist.  One day a normal enough kid finds out the school idol is an otaku and because he decides to keep it quite she befriends him much to the chagrin of many other school mates, and makes great efforts to help hide her otakuness.

Along the way Haruka seems to start growing feelings for Yuuto, but about the time she starts to realize this Yuuto bumps in to a rival for Haruka.  So now from episode 6 to the resolve is going to be interesting to see as they both fight for Yuuto’s affection and he isn’t really sure of his feelings either.

ScreenCaps: (I don’t know how many is to many or to little so I will post a few for them all go to my flickr page for Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu)

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Normal useless teacher ;)


The greatness that is Haruka


Start of an interesting relationship


Gotta have figurines in an otaku show :)


Problems Yuuto is willing to go through for Haruka





Rival desu


looks like we have another music video ending with a choreographed ending.


Starting out this is you pretty formulaic anime, but a lot of fun to watch just because it is about otaku world a bit.  I am not going to be very critical on this one because I have been looking for a light hearted anime for a while after watching more intense shows that require thought and have a darker story line. So this is just what the doctor ordered.

However, I will point out I am not done and it may have an interesting ending that knocks me off my butt, like school days.  One of my favorite parts of this is the stress that Yuuto goes through being around Haruka since he isn’t sure how he wants to feel because he can’t stand his older sister and his teacher (see pic 2 for why).

As a final note and to re-iterate this is just a normal anime that isn’t necessarily bad nor great so it is pass-on-able. Though the dancing in the ending is cool.


p.s. Since I am not used to blogging about anime or media in general please let me know where I can improve or what you don’t like or any critisizm at all good or bad I just want to improve.

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